Adolescent Sexual Health

ASH’s goal is to prevent unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among Marshall and Tama Counties youth through education and skill development.

School-Based Program

Adolescent Sexual Health is a school based program that provides medically accurate, evidence based  information to 6-12th graders in Marshall and Tama counties to encourage the prevention of unplanned pregnancies and STD’s through the 4 focal areas represented in our logo, abstinence, safety, health and future.

In 6-8th grades, an evidence based curriculum called Draw the Line Respect the Line is implemented. Draw The Line Respect The Line is an abstinence-focused program that encourages youth to delay having sexual intercourse and reduce their risk of STDs, including HIV/AIDS and pregnancy. Students learn how to set their limits and work on refusal skills.

In High School the FLASH curriculum is implemented. FLASH is a widely used comprehensive sexual health curriculum that is designed to prevent teen pregnancy, STDs, and sexual violence.  These 15 lessons include a variety of strategies designed to create positive attitudes, beliefs and norms and to build skills for a healthy, safe future.

ASH Coalition

ASH coalition is a group of professionals and student’s from Marshall County who are addressing the importance of Adolescent Sexual Health. Meetings are held with members to collaborate what options are available to adolescents to maintain a healthy lifestyle, transportation, and education.

For more information on Adolescent Sexual Health and pregnancy prevention, contact Taylor Woebbeking, Sexual Health Educator, at 641-752-1730 or


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