Crisis Child Care


Crisis Child Care is a service that provides short-term childcare for children up to age 10 whose families are experiencing a crisis or emergency situation. The program offers child care on a temporary basis (up to 72 hours per placement). Crisis Child Care allows the child’s caregiver to address the crisis situation while their child is cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.

When a family calls for Crisis Child Care (641.752.1730) they are able to speak with one of our staff who will assess the need and make arrangements for the children to go with one of our Crisis Child Care providers. The staff will then meet with the family to fill out appropriate paperwork and assist in transporting the children to the home where they will be staying.  If placement is arranged in advance for an up-coming need families have the opportunity to meet the provider their child will be staying with, and any time a family places their child in Crisis Child Care they have the options to call the provider and check on their children or talk with their children.

Crisis Child Care providers are all highly qualified child care provides and are either registered daycare providers, or non-registered providers who meet all state requirements.

Crisis Child Care is available to families in Marshall County who are dealing with stress related to parenting, illness or hospitalizations, loss of housing, mental health, substance abuse issues in the home, domestic violence, death in the family, etc. 

The program helps families with a crisis relating to:

  • Stress associated with the responsibilities of parenting
  • Times of serious illness, accidents or hospitalizations
  • The loss of housing or inadequate housing
  • Mental health and substance abuse
  • Domestic violence situations
  • A death in the family

How can I participate?

Crisis Child Care is available by calling Child Abuse Prevention Services between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (641.752.1730). Childcare is provided for up to 72 hours per admission, based on each individual family’s needs. Crisis Child Care is for an emergency situation and is not a substitute for routine day care.

How does the program work?

Parents voluntarily place their children in Crisis Child Care by:

Calling the Child Abuse Prevention Services office during regular business hour at 641.752.1730. Families may also be referred through human service agencies, health professionals, law enforcement agencies, schools, counselors, or clergy.

Crisis Child Care staff recognizes that all situations are unique and assesses each case individually.

Once approved for Crisis Child Care, a time and place will be arranged for staff and families to meet to secure basic family and medical information and care instructions for each child.

Crisis Child Care is provided in regulated child care homes.

Crisis Child Care provides continued support and links to other community services following care.

For more information please e-mail

Crisis Child Care is funded by Marshalltown Area United Way and private donations.