Drug Endangered Children

What is a Drug Endangered Child?

A drug endangered child (DEC) is a child who suffers physical or psychological harm or neglect resulting from exposure to illegal drugs or persons under the influence of illegal drugs. This definition also includes children who are exposed to dangerous environments where illegal drugs are being manufactured or where chemicals used to make illegal drugs are accessible.

What is the Marshall County DEC Team?

Marshall County DEC is a multidisciplinary approach addressing the impact of parental substance abuse of Marshall County’s children. These children are often found to be living in deplorable conditions, neglected beyond imagination, and suffering at the hands of parents who use, sell, and manufacture drugs. Marshall County professionals have united to provide education, intervene on the behalf of these children who have no voice, and ensure follow-up care.

What drugs are prevalent in Marshall County?

Methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other illicit drugs are impacting the lives of Marshall County residents. Law enforcement officials are spending countless hours dealing with users, sellers, and manufacturers of these drugs. All too often children are discovered neglected and abused, trying to thrive in less than adequate living conditions. The child welfare and legal system is overwhelmed with cases that include these drug endangered children.

What are the goals of the Marshall County DEC team?

  • Prevention through education and awareness
  • Intervention through established multidisciplinary protocol responses for drug endangered children
  • Follow-up care directly to DEC children and families in Marshall County

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The Marshall County DEC initiative is dependent on community support. Please consider supporting this initiative. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Contact information:

Marshall County Drug Endangered Children Team
Nikki Hartwig, Coordinator
Child Abuse Prevention Services
811 E. Main St., Marshalltown, Iowa 50158