Mandatory Reporter Training

Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Training

Iowa law defines classes of people who must make a report of child abuse within 24 hours when they reasonably believe a child has suffered abuse. These “mandatory reporters” are professionals who have frequent contact with children, generally in one of six disciplines:

  • Health
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mental Health
  • Child Care
  • Education
  • Social Work

Mandatory reporters of child abuse are required by law to complete 2 hours of training during their first six months of employment or self-employment and two hours every five years thereafter.

Mandatory reporter training curricula must be approved by the Abuse Education Review Panel to satisfy the Iowa Code mandated training requirement. Licensed professionals are required to complete training that is required and approved by their respective licensing and examining boards or approved by the Abuse Education Review Panel.

The Marshall County Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Training Team, coordinated by Child Abuse Prevention Services, has been providing training in partnership with Iowa Valley Continuing Education since 1993. The team’s curriculum has been approved by Iowa’s Abuse Education Review Panel.

Drawing on the expertise of a team of Marshall County professionals, mandatory reporters of child abuse are provided education on their role in identification and reporting suspected cases of child abuse.

Team Members include:

Nikki Hartwig, Child Development Specialist, Child Abuse Prevention Services
Susan Bock, Child Protection Worker
Detective Sadie Weekley, Marshalltown Police Department
Jennifer Miller, Marshall County Attorney
Paul Crawford, Assistant Marshall County Attorney

A  class schedule and registration information can be found on the Iowa Valley Continuing Education website. 

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Child Abuse: A Guide for Mandatory ReportersPDF
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