Programs and Services

Family Support Programs

Building Healthy Families and Strong Foundations are our family support programs.  These programs are geared toward parents of young children or those who are expecting. In these programs, families meet with a Family Support Specialist on a regular basis, depending on the individual family. Prior to baby’s arrival, focus is on mom’s preparation, health, and education; after baby is born the focus of visits shifts to the child’s development, heath, and well being

Crisis Service Programs

Our Crisis Intervention Program, work with families who are experiencing a crisis and need assistance and support while working towards crisis resolution. Services provide families with resources and information to help accomplish goals that promote family safety and stability.

School Based Programs

Our school based programs, Sexual Abuse Prevention and Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, educate adults and students using age-appropriate curriculum in the classroom. These programs teach young students about appropriate touches, body awareness, and self-care; and older students about boundaries and sexual health and safety.

The Nest

The Nest is an incentive-based program that provides Marshall County Families access to necessary baby items such as diapers, wipes, and formula. Families can earn points by attending prenatal care visits, taking children to well-baby checkups, and participating in other health an educational opportunities.

Trainings offered: